Why Your Home Needs Wine-Coloured Accents

Burgundies, plums, and rich merlot purples can make a space both intimate and inviting, the same way panoramic prints company do, which is exactly the sort of atmosphere you want when curling up with a glass of wine and a book, or enjoying an evening with friends. Read on for 7 reasons to incorporate these mellow yet bold hues into your own abode.

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  1. Add a splash of burgundy or purple to an otherwise neutral room for a touch of dramatic flair. For a look that is both refined and engaging, add a rich plum throw and some berry-hued pillows to an otherwise neutral couch. The accents will pop while still keeping the room’s elegance.
  2. Lush wine-colored accents help to incorporate one of your favorite things into your decor: wine! Celebrate the most noble of beverages with accents like storage ottomans in Bordeaux red to for a look that is both modern and intriguing. Just don’t forget Moroccan inspired wine glassesto unwind and sip in style.
  3. Burgundy and plum colors pair well with many different color schemes.

Like a fine red wine, burgundy colors pair well with a variety of palates. Burgundy is considered a power color, so it is often combined with a selection of lighter colors, like pale blue and beige. However, it also stands up to complimentary colors like mustard yellow, and is refined enough to mix well with metallics like gold and silver. Consider adding a wine-colored sofa or chaise lounge to your living room to add a splash of color without overwhelming the rest of the color scheme.

  1. Outfitting your bedroom in burgundy can give it a comforting and intimate feel.

Your bedroom should feel both inviting and cozy, and warm colors like plum and aged sumac can work well to achieve this feeling. Lay out a neutral fur rug or fuzzy ottoman for an added element of luxury.

  1. Burgundy accents can give a room a romantic look.

Pairing rich colors like burgundy and plum with lighter pinks, corals, and neutral colors can make a space feel intimate and idyllic. Light some candles, grab your favorite book and commune with your room’s romantic energy.

  1. Funky furniture in bold colors like plum can add a modernist look to any space.

While bright colors like red or dandelion yellow can be shocking when combined with contemporary shapes, plums and burgundies can subtly add a contemporary flair. If you want to add a modern element to a room without making it the entire focus of the space, pick out a unique piece of furniture in a warm color like plum or dark magenta.

  1. Elevate the colors already in your space with the addition of a rich plum rug.

A rug that features wine-colored stitching is a good investment for several reasons: it pairs well with many different colors, it adds an element of luxury to a room, and it hides wine stains well (we all spill every now and again, right?).

Performing A Used Car Inspection

Do you want to perform a used car inspection? Following these 5 steps will help you ensure you don’t buy a car with a laundry list of hidden problems. If you’re thinking about buying a used car, an important step in process is thoroughly inspecting the vehicle before you buy it. This can save you a lot of headaches (and money) down the road. Companies like http://damageid.com can help! Following these five steps can help you learn what to look for when performing a used car inspection.


  • Check the condition of the body

The first thing to do in a used car inspection is to examine each body panel, as well as the roof. Make note of any rust spots, dents, and scratches. Look closely at the gaps between the panels (e.g. between the fenders and the doors). If the gaps are uneven, this usually means they were assembled poorly in the factory, or the vehicle was poorly repaired. Also, ensure the colour and finish of the paint are the same on each panel. Next, using a flashlight, take a look inside of the wheel wells for rust. Lastly, open and close all of the doors, as well as the hood and trunk. Inspect all rubber seals around the doors and windows for rot or tearing.

  • Take a look at the glass

Walk around the vehicle and take a careful look at all the glass to make sure there are no cracks or large, cratered areas. Small chips are nothing to be too worried about, but you may want to use them as a bargaining chip when discussing the final price. Cracks, on the other hand, will only get worse and can require an expensive repair later.

  • On even ground, check out the suspension

Another essential thing to check in a used car inspection is the suspension. Stand back from the car and see if it’s slumping or sagging anywhere; what you want it to see that it’s standing level. Push down on each corner of the car. If the shock absorbers are in good condition, the car should rebound only once. If the car continues moving up and down, there’s something wrong. Tug on the top of the front tires. Feel for any movement and listen for and clicking sounds. If you feel or hear anything, it could mean a suspension joint or wheel bearing is broken.

  • Never buy a car with frame damage

One of the most important points to check for in a used car inspection is frame damage. Open the hood and check the saddle (this is the part connecting the front fenders and holding the top of the radiator). This should be bolted into place on either side and never welded. The bolt heads inside the hood, at the top of the fenders, should not have any scratch marks, which can indicate replacement or realignment after a crash. Lastly, check for welds inside of the door jambs.

  • Are the lights and lenses in good condition?

Ideally, bring a friend for the used car inspection so that he/she can confirm that all of the lights are working. Be sure to check all lights on the vehicle: lo-beams, high-beams, turn signals, fog lights, brake lights, 3rd brake light, and reverse light. Additionally, ensure that all lenses and reflectors are not damaged, fogged with moisture, or missing altogether.

  • Tires tell a story of their own

Surprisingly, a lot of information about a car can be gleaned from the tires alone. Anytime you perform a used car inspection, be sure to look closely at tire wear. Often times, a car with less than 20,000 miles on the odometer will still have the original tires installed. If the car has brand new tires and very low-mileage on the clock, this is a good indicator of odometer rollback. Also, all four tires should be the same, as having different tires installed could be a sign that they were replaced.

The wear on the tread should be even across the width of the tire, on both sides of the car.


Hot Hotel Marketing Tips

Staying in a hotel is one of the most fun things about going away for a weekend. While you’re there, you want to be able to see what the hotel has on offer with ease and not have to dig through lots of leaflets and paperwork to get an idea of the best meals on offer. Having the right marketing tools is so important and using a company for Table Talker Designing & Printing will take a lot of stress out of doing it yourself.

Table talkers tend to sit on the bedside tables are an example of great advertising by a hotel as they are sharp, snappy and to the point. They’re also easily readable. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys staying away from home in a hotel, this guide is for you. You’ve got your high end, top quality hotels with big brand names like the Hilton or Thistle groups and their hotels come with a high price tag because of the brand rather than anything that they offer that’s different from the ‘budget’ chains. Names like Premier Inn and Travelodge are up and coming in recent years and the quality has upgraded significantly. Why pay the Hilton price tag for the same quality as the Premier Inn down the road?


There are a lot of reasons hotels are great to stay in, but what we are looking at is the way they market their products to their customers and how the marketing products used impact the customers want to come back and stay. Every hotel has posters, banners, leaflets and various print methods of telling you all about themselves. Menus for the restaurants are always in the bedrooms now, with full A4 sized books of prices and meals as well as room service menus. Information on how to gain access to the Wi-Fi service comes plastered to the television and the newest thing?

Hotels now ensure they get their advertising done in bitesize brochures and paying for folder designing and printing UK in their 100s to advertise many smaller services such as pillow menus! Pillow menus are the newest hack with hotels as they allow the customer to choose their own softness of pillow from a range in their room. Quite smart really, given that no two guests have the same taste in comfort. All these methods of marketing are ways to make the hotel more appealing to guests, clients who have meetings within the hotel and visitors just passing by. Table talkers don’t just appear in the hotel rooms anymore; they’re a feature on hotel restaurant tables and check in desks, too. Small bites of information so as not to overwhelm potential business, but at the same time entice them with services that maybe don’t feature as much as they should.

Using these to remind guests of savings or bundle deals they could have, they have a multitude of uses. Keeping table talkers and menus in general bright, vibrant with ‘in your face’ text to capture the eye have been a way to make more money for a business. Guests who check in at the desk may catch bitesize information about the internet or late check in services on a calendars across the hotel reception area made by custom Calendar design and printing services.

The information used is small but gives the customer a prompt to ask for more information whereby the hotel staff can then explain the services used in a more detailed way. Bell Graphics print table talkers to any specification you like. They’re designed to suit your brand and the message you wish to convey to your customers in the best and brightest of ways. Hotels aren’t the only users of these marketing gems, but then that’s a whole other article.