Practical uses of Photo Lenses

Owning a digital SLR camera requires changing lenses to catch the images you desire. Most photographers bag packs at least two to three lenses every time they go out for some action. Although not all photographers bring all types of lenses in their pack, some would just carry specific ones depending on their mood. Different kinds of lenses have different kinds of use. There are quite a variety of lenses and many of them undergo MTF Testing service for optimum applications. If you are already excited to use your newly purchased lenses, take a few seconds reading these valuable tips:


  1. One important thing that you should know about lenses is their differences. Usually, they differ according to their focal length. A focal length is symbolised in millimetre, while some are characterised by ranges, such as 50-200mm. The focal length of a lens is basically the zoom level. The bigger the number, the closer far subjects appear on the viewfinder.
  2. Some lenses are called wide-angle because they capture a very wide space more than what the naked eye can focus. Usually, people use 24-35mm wide angle lens on a normal basis. However, if you want to capture super wide views like horizons or mountain range, you might need a much better lens for wide angle shots. However, using wide lenses may produce curve lines towards the edges of the images.
  3. If it is the first time that you purchased a digital SLR cam, what you get is probably the standard kit lens. All DSLR cam usually comes with the regular lens. however, these lenses are very useful too. Even if they are standard issue, they are versatile. Its viewing angle is nothing different to the view of the human eye. It is one of the easiest lenses to use and very light. You can get perfect images using your standard kit lenses like portraits, landscapes, action shots, night shots, and almost anything that you can think of. If you are taking pictures while travelling, you might want to use your kit lens. you may not necessarily have to bring all other lenses if you have the standard kit lens with you.
  4. If you want to capture images from a far distance, you might consider having telephoto lenses. Normally, photographers would have 70mm packed in their bag when they want to capture dangerous subjects like lions from a far distance. If you think that your presence might disturb your subject, try using telephoto lenses.
  5. Not all lenses are made to capture far-away subjects. Macro lenses are specifically made to capture small subjects. Macro lenses are usually applied when capturing close-up shots with insects and other tiny objects. If you are planning to be a wedding photographer, these lenses are also being used to get a high definition image of the small items during the wedding like the wedding rings and other accessories.

If you want to learn great techniques on how to capture astonishing shots, you can search for basic video tutorials on various sites on the Internet.